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Full-Time Programs

What are Academies?

At CCTC, students achieve more when working on real-world, hands-on projects that incorporate their core academic areas. When our teachers work and collaborate, they gain a deeper understanding of what the students are learning and can find more creative ways to incorporate that into their academic curriculum. For example, our students can and do learn math through Welding. Likewise, teachers can find authentic ways to teach English through Digital Media Engineering. As a result, students spend more time using their learning and less time listening to lectures. It's part of the CCTC magic! We regularly see students who struggle in school thrive in this environment. This is why you may occasionally hear a student who attends CCTC claim that the work is more accessible. We offer the same level of rigor; the content is just taught differently.

Our high school students work within one of five academies. Each academy consists of a group of similar career programs who all share a core group of academic teachers (English, math, science, social studies, and intervention specialists).