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Patient Care Technician

woman preparing to have her blood drawn

Career Outlook:


Earning Potential:

Median $37,380/year

Job Growth:

+10% (Above Average)

Nursing Asst.

Earning Potential:

Median $30,290/year

Job Growth:

+5% (Average)


  • Ohio Nurse Aide Training
  • Phlebotomy
  • EKG
  • Patient Care Technician
  • Medical Terminology
  • CPR
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • And more!

Program Overview

Collins Career Technical Center offers a Patient Care Technician program for high school students interested in exploring healthcare careers. The program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue post-secondary education or entry-level positions in the healthcare industry. The curriculum includes a variety of health-related courses.

Students will receive instruction in advanced medical terminology, nutrition, and advanced nursing skills. In addition, the program provides theory and laboratory instruction in State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA), phlebotomy, EKG, Patient Care Technician, and Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers from the American Heart Association. Students completing the skill training will be eligible to participate in the National Healthcareer Association Phlebotomy Certification, EKG certification,  and Patient care technician certification—also the Ohio nurse aide certification test. 

What Do Patient Care Technicians Do?

Patient Care Technicians (PCTs) are healthcare professionals with a diverse range of skills and credentials. They play an essential role in providing patient care in hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and other healthcare settings. PCTs are trained in various tasks, such as taking vital signs, performing basic medical procedures, administering medications, assisting with activities of daily living, and providing emotional support to patients and their families. They may also have certifications in CPR, phlebotomy, EKG, or other specialized skills. PCTs work closely with other healthcare professionals, such as nurses, physicians, and therapists, to provide comprehensive care to patients. With their broad skill set and dedication to patient care, Patient Care Technicians are invaluable members of the healthcare team.

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Careers in this Field

Here is a list of some careers that Patient Care Technicians (PCTs) can pursue:

These are just a few examples of the many possible career paths that can be pursued with the skills and credentials of a Patient Care Technician.


Bonnie Montgomery

Patient Care Technician Teacher
High School

Meghan Gillum

Health and Services Academies Supervisor
High School

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